Dyno tuning is a huge part of any engine setup. It can be used to determine horsepower, torque, air/fuel ratio and it let's us set up a baseline for future developement.
More importantly, the DYNO can make sure your air/ fuel ratio is within proper limit's for safe engine operation. Don't let incorrect fuel settings cost you, make an appointment today!
Some shops take incentives from companies to use their parts. We don't limit ourselves, we choose from a wide selection to find the part that is perfect for YOU!
For Parts Unlimited, Drag Specialties, Tucker Rocky, Western Powersports, Hygear Suspension, P.E.P. shocks, Fuel Customs, Dasa Racing, Monster Pipe, Cryoheat Metal Treatment, Walsh Racecraft and others.
Micro polishing and cryogenic treatment of parts can reduce friction, remove stress points, and increase longevity and service interval.
Whether you are looking to freshen up your current engine or looking for a custom built race engine we have you covered with proven set-ups.

M.R. Unlimited was established in 2005. We are a motorcycle and powersports repair facility just west of Syracuse NY. We pride ourselves on customer service and perform the highest quality work to insure our customers needs are met. Give us a call or stop in. We'd like to assist you in your repair needs.
Mario Ruggeri Jr.
M.R Unlimited introduces it's race program whether your looking for the basics to get started or want to run with the big boys we have what you need.Check it out >>